Youth Project of the Month

Youth Project of the Month

We like to celebrate and showcase the excellent work going on at youth projects across the county through our Youth Project of the Month feature

May's Youth Project of the Month

The Project is committed to supporting and improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of young people, age 12-24, as well as providing support to the parents and carers of young people experiencing mental distress. 

The Project recognise that it isn’t always easy to talk about our emotional and mental wellbeing. Fear about what other people might say, or of being laughed at, or not taken seriously, can often stop us from taking that step ... and that can make us feel very alone.

The reality is that you are not alone! One in 5 young people experience symptoms of anxiety, depression and issues with their body confidence, and 1 in 10 have a diagnosable mental health issue.
If you are worried about how you’ve been feeling, you don’t need to struggle on alone and in silence. The Project are here to help.

The Project offer training to become a Youth Mental Health First Aider.

The Project made this video to help new young people when they are thinking of attending their groups. Who better to talk about their sessions than the awesome young people they work with and the volunteers that help make them happen. use the hashtag #handonheart